To a great extent, the explanations of the participants about pos

To a great extent, the explanations of the participants about possible disease aetiology are focused on stress, immigration and psychological well-being. Although many participants perceived that their own efforts did not have much impact on their health status, our study revealed a large diversity in the responses of non-Western immigrants,

particularly regarding the importance of their own efforts on their health status. “
“Welcome to this first issue of 2014. The New Year is always a time to reflect and to think back on the past and to make resolutions for the future. As I write this, I look back at the year 2013 and see that once again we have had an increased rate of submission to IJPP, a real marker of the buy ABT-737 strength and success of our discipline. The downside for some, perhaps, is that the landscape is more competitive and on the Editorial side, we increasingly have to make this website hard choices and we are not always able to accept strong and interesting papers especially if they do not quite match others for topicality or novelty. The IJPP provides a window on the state-of-the-art of practice, research and education in the field of pharmacy

and medicine use. The way in which these three move forward together is exemplified in the papers that we publish. For example, with respect to extended pharmacy practice, in this issue alone, we have articles on pharmacist prescribing, interactions with general

practitioners and improving the management of warfarin, and enhanced roles for pharmacy with patients such as providing motivational interviews for drug misusers, and considering what happens when increasingly potent medicines are made available over the counter. The articles in this issue also show how practice research is advancing with encouraging signs of increased sophistication in research methods including multidisciplinary working with other disciplines, such as psychology, and better use of rigorous Clomifene research designs including mixed methods approaches and understanding how we evaluate pharmacy roles informed by the Medical Research Council framework for complex interventions. We are also strong on the education front. Papers illustrate how integral good training is to research studies which evaluate the outcomes of pharmacists undertaking new roles. Educational researchers are also looking critically at assessments of students to ensure that they are both challenging and discriminatory. So if we are doing so well what are our New Year resolutions for 2014? It goes without saying that that there is nothing that cannot be improved. It would be nice to think that our relatively small profession is currently punching above its weight, and we need to continue to do that in a time of continued financial constraints limiting resources for both research and service delivery.

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