However, due to excluded hospitals as well as potentially inconsi

However, due to excluded Intedanib hospitals as well as potentially inconsistent data collection in some included hospitals, our study carries several limitations. We were unable to gather information for hospitals other than major trauma centres (such as regional trauma centres) that receive trauma patients via HEMS. selleck chem inhibitor however this is only likely to represent a small proportion Inhibitors,research,lifescience,medical of total transports. Some trauma centres did not collect comprehensive data for minor trauma patients, and therefore our data

may be an under-representation of this patient group. Finally, it should be noted that our estimate of reimbursement used is based on the peer group averages and do not account for the potential additional weightings for aspects such as public or private status, aboriginality and longer lengths of stay. However, our results are a robust estimate of the true Inhibitors,research,lifescience,medical costs of treating HEMS patients relative to the average costs for the same patients among similar peer group hospitals. Conclusion A HEMS brings many advantages to a regionalised Inhibitors,research,lifescience,medical trauma system, however their use has implications for receiving hospitals and the broader

system. In NSW, HEMS over-triage rates were between 17% and 51% depending on the definition used, which broadly matches results from other jurisdictions. Although further research is required to refine HEMS dispatch criteria, a degree of over-triage is always likely to exist. It suggests that whilst

the practice of over-triage is to a large extent driven by a social imperative to insure against the possibility that someone faced with life threatening Inhibitors,research,lifescience,medical injuries is under-treated, the trauma centres that provide these services bear much of the burden for this practice. Depending on volume and types of HEMS transports received, this is likely to have variable effects on receiving hospitals in NSW. Future episode funding models therefore need to account for the variability in resource use across different types of trauma patients and the volume of trauma that is transported Inhibitors,research,lifescience,medical via HEMS. Abbreviations HEMS: Helicopter Emergency Medical Service; ISS: Injury severity score; PH: Pre-hospital; IH: Inter-hospital; NSW: New South Wales; OR: Operating room; ICU: Intensive care unit. Competing interests The authors declare that they have no competing interests. Authors’ contributions Drug_discovery CT and KC conceived this study. CT carried out the statistical analysis and drafted the original manuscript. KC, SJ and MN provided clinical and health service expertise and reviewed the manuscript. All authors read and approved the final manuscript. Pre-publication history The pre-publication history for this paper can be accessed here: Acknowledgments The authors would like to acknowledge the contribution of staff at major trauma centres in NSW who collected the data presented in this manuscript.

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